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so severe that it could kill them.

Bullshit is so prevalent when it comes to health and diet advice that there’s a good chance even your doctor gets a lot of it wrong. There are so many myths and old wives’ tales out there, and for every one that happens to be true, there are dozens that amount to little more than superstition. It’s a thankless task, knocking down these myths, but one we believe is for the ultimate good of humanity. So get ready to scream "bullshit!" the next time you hear .

5. "Better Pour Hydrogen Peroxide on That Cut Before It Gets Infected!"We’re going to bet that in your medicine cabinet, or somewhere in your house, you have a little brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Riddled with antiseptic properties and a near magical disinfecting ability, hydrogen peroxide is the shit when it comes to showing bacteria its place. Hell, hospitals use it. When they finally got around to it, peroxide’s high horse instantly bolted and ran the hell away, neighing angry obscenities at its fallen rider as it went. For starters, that "healing" foam is completely useless it’s just a natural chemical reaction with the catalase enzyme in your blood, creating an effect not unlike a tiny baking soda volcano spouting from your wound. Neat, yes, but not the thing you’re looking for if you’re actually planning to get better.

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And there are easier ways to place first in the science fair.

OK, so we’re prepared to accept that the foam is just smoke and mirrors. After all,
nike schuhe damen [1], hydrogen peroxide still kills all the bacteria at the site of a wound.

Except, well, it actually doesn’t manage even that.

So what should you put on a wound? Antibiotic creams like Neosporin seem to work (though some say Vaseline works about the same). But there’s just something so satisfying about the way hydrogen peroxide makes our wounds all fizzy. Can they add something to Band Aids that does that? It’s like the pointless burning sensation caused by Listerine we want some kind of sensation to let us know the medicine is working, damn it!

4. "Never Wake a Sleepwalker!"Sleepwalking individuals must be left alone . or else. If a sleepwalker is awakened by a well meaning bystander, it strains his or her system to the point that it might cause serious injury, in the form of heart failure and other assorted hazards. The shock is, in fact, so severe that it could kill them.

So whatever you do, never ever ever wake sleepwalkers.

Guess what really happens when you wake up sleepwalkers: They wake up. Seriously, that’s it. No gruesome deaths,
cheap evening dresses [2], no dramatic injuries. True, they might be groggy and disoriented, but come on who doesn’t feel that way when some bastard suddenly comes and shakes you awake in the middle of a dream in which you thought you were fighting zombies with your old gym coach?

Sure, there are situations where sleepwalkers are best left to their own devices you don’t want to induce sudden confusion in a dude who is successfully sleep taming a lion with a hula hoop and a stick of cheap bologna. Still, all things considered, it’s usually more dangerous to not wake them up. After all, the other thing they say about sleepwalkers that they can’t hurt themselves is also a big steaming pile of lie turds. Sleepwalkers have been documented indulging in all sorts of shenanigans, from sending emails to attempting to drive across state to screwing up in ways that get them in a Cracked article. There’s no telling what a somnambulist’s brain will put his body through. You could stroll into the nearest biker bar wearing a ballet tutu over a pair of assless chaps, kick every single motorcycle, and flip off their owners, then wake up with your middle finger still extended. Wouldn’t it have been nice if someone had just ignored the myth and tackled you to the ground on your way there?Although if you’re the type that sleeps in the nude, you’re pretty much on your own.

3. "I’m Exhausted Now, Good Thing I Can Sleep in on Saturday!"The 21st century has given us a great many things: constant technological innovations, unprecedented quality of life, and an unlimited supply of porn. Still, it’s not all smiles and eyebrow raising browser histories. Our hectic schedules, constant stress,
cheap prom dresses [2], rampant Internetting, and other side effects of living in the future, like incessant noise and light pollution, have played seven kinds of hell with our sleeping habits. People are getting less and less sleep, yet somehow manage to thrive.

This "somehow" is the weekend. No matter how little sleep we get during our hectic week,
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